Sunday, May 1, 2011

This One's For You, My Sweetie....

Apparently, someone has missed my blogging, and if only he were someone who could pay me, I would probably be more motivated to blog more often. However, in honor of his persistent emails, I give this blog entry about, "The Birthday of a Ballerina Princess".

Much has changed in the life of my Ballerina Princess. First of all, she has exchanged her tutus for jeans, and doesn't seem to keen on changing them back. She has, of course, found jeans with flowers and sparkles, so all is well in that area. She hasn't wanted to turn in the long hair for short, but does like to keep it braided or in pony tails, so as to facilitate such activities as breaking her arm while climbing on the couch, climbing trees, working with the electric snap kit and exploring the creek in the woods behind our home. She still loves shoes, though, and has more than anyone else in our family. Including heels. I have no idea where the girl got shoes with heels.

Anyway, Our Princess Ballerina turns 9 in just several days, so yesterday we celebrated. She is our first kid to actually draw a diagram of how she wanted the cake to look, as can be seen above. She even included a cross section. She was also able to talk her Daddy into a three layer cake: chocolate, strawberry and yellow, with both chocolate and pink frosting. Needless to say we picked Neapolitan ice cream to go with it. She wanted a big birthday party, so I graciously said, "Nope" and limited her to a few friends. I'm just boring that way.

They started the evening with cake, ice cream and kool-aid. A brief appearance was made by two "big boys" who then quickly recoiled back to the lair of bass guitars, guitars and computers. The kids then followed that with a rip through of presents and then went outside to play such games as "Whack the Bubbles with Sticks" and "Tie the Birthday Girl to the Basketball Hoop with Her New Jump Rope", all of which are games that fall under the category of "Mom Didn't Plan Party Games This Time and It Never Occurs to Dad to Plan Them".

Not long after that the party ended, and I began to get persistent emails about my need to start blogging again, as, apparently, my blog is an electronic memory of family fun for some people. And, since it's a person I love, I will start blogging again....