Friday, September 28, 2007

Attack of the Disney Tomatoes!

Several months ago I was taken aback, once again, by the excessive commercialism of our country. Let me start this by saying that over the years I have gone to great pains to keep commercials, excessive disney (no, didn't boycott them, just don't want my kids to equate disney with the Bible, Aesop, Homer, Hugo or Steinbeck), junk toys, and cable television out of my home. I like to have a quiet, reflective home, without ad executives telling me what I, or my children, need.

Well, you can imagine my surprise when they SNUCK ONE IN on me! I was innocently preparing a salad for dinner, and what did I find? A tiny unusual sticker on my tomato (see photo)!

Squinting my eyes, I moved closer to the tomato.

"Coming soon to dvd....Peter Pan... buy it!" the tomato told me.

Why in the world was a tomato telling me about the next Peter Pan movie? Is this what they have to resort to to get into my home? Sneak up on my tomatoes? What I was seeing was the end product of a really stupid marketing campaign. Well, it wasn't that stupid, I guess because they did get the message of Peter Pan into my home -- and it was the only way they got it there.
Guess what, though. I didn't buy the dvd.

I am annoyed though. How can anyone achieve any serious contentment living in a culture where everything -- even your tomato -- is telling you need something else? I also wondered how many people didn't even notice the sticker. Just one more advertisement in an already saturated culture.


gingerswindow said...

Serena tried to comment that the tomato picture was cool. I don't think it went through so I am reposting!

gingerswindow said...

In defense of tomatoes, Bob the Tomato tells kids to listen to God.
:) I like Bob the Tomato better than your tomato.

Rich said...