Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lest Anyone Think I'm a McCain Fan

Lest anyone think I'm a McCain fan, due to my recent post about Joe Biden's hiney, I thought I should post a bit about McCain and Palin and my concerns there.

McCain -- I like the fact that he and his wife do seem to have a compassionate aspect to their lives. Yes, they are filthy rich. But, really, so are the Obamas, so I don't see how that matters. I also like the fact that they are hearing the cries of so many families of children with special needs, specifically the families of children with autism. Obviously, the growing rate of autism should be a concern in our nation. I'm skeptical that any federal aid to our health insurance situation is going to help, so I also am comfortable with his positions on health care. I don't think that two wrongs make a right, so I'm with him on abortion and the need to obtain stem cells in an ethical manner.

What I don't agree with him on is the war. However, Obama's going to inherit this war, too, and I'm not certain that he really knows what he's doing either. Yes, they both inherited this war from George W., but really, he inherited the situation from Bill "floundering with foreign policy" Clinton. He inherited some of it from George Senior .... at some point we have to stop pointing the finger and just solve the stinking problem.

We need to invest more in diplomacy, which is not something I see either candidate saying. I see McCain upping the ante in the war, and Obama sticking his head in the sand. This summer I attended a small seminar on foreign policy, with the discussion being lead by a man that spent 30 years working in diplomatic relations for the U.S. government. He pointed out that when he was sent to a new part of the world, as a diplomat, he was given a 4 week course on that region of the world, and then dropped into it as a diplomat. When an upper level military person is stationed in a new part of the world, they receive near-graduate level training on that particular culture -- usually at least a year's work of education. What does that say about our government's values, be it democrat or republican?

Then there is Palin. I like a lot of what she professes to be policy. I admire her decision to birth her son with Down Syndrome and show so much love towards him, although isn't that just what a mother is supposed to do anyway? I also, frankly, question how someone can be an effective VP of a major nation and give appropriate time and attention to a large family. Maybe her husband is planning on staying home with the kids. If so, kudos to him and I'm impressed with their family. If not, then I don't think that Sarah Palin actually has the same values that I have. The values I have don't just value that the life of my child exists, my values dictate that I give large quantities of my time to my child.

I can run the nation when my kids are grown. Until then, I can only blabber away on a second rate blog.

Another concern with Palin, of course, is her inexperience. Let's face it. John McCain is old. Could Palin act as president? It's unsure at best. She really seems clueless on an international scene.

The worst thing is, though, that I'm no more confident with Joe Biden.

They' re all just a bunch of ..... politicians.

Let's hope congress shapes up!


Anita Ann said...

Palin's husband does plan on not working if she takes office. She has more job experience than Obams. One of the biggest things I don;t agree with about Obama is his stance on abortion including infanticide, and him comparing pregnancy to a STD.

Anonymous said...

I think anyone who is a mother of five has more "executive" experience than any of the candidates. Think about it. A mother has to be organized. She has to multi-task. She has to know economics -- making those food dollars stretch is no easy task. She has to be a diplomat -- breaking up children's disagreements and making everyone happy is not easy to do. And, Mrs. Palin has done that and more. I think she's more qualified than Obama himself to be president, frankly.

I know you don't know me. I just happened onto your website. And I do enjoy reading it.

As a former "politician" mother of 3 who did both, it can be done, no doubt about it. The hardship is on Mrs. Palin, though, not on her children.

Deb said...

Glad both of you stopped by my blog.

I do think that a mom can be a politician and a mom -- but being VP of the US is a bit different than being just any politician. Her kids are going to lose her for the next 4 years if she wins. That will be a big loss for her young ones, especially her youngest.

Personally, I was most impressed with Colin Powell when he didn't run for president because his wife and children didn't want him to.

There's a season for everything.

On the "executive" experience thing, I have no doubt about her administrative/multi-tasking abilities. I doubt her experience with foreign affairs and ability to understand other cultures,etc.

Diplomacy skills are seriously lacking when cultural experiences don't exist. By her own admission, she had never left the country except to go to Canada and Mexico before her latest trip to visit the troops.

I do think she'd do a better job than Obama/Biden. I'm just not happy with any of them.