Sunday, April 12, 2009

Street Cars???

Just a quick blog entry here, to pose a question to anyone who can provide an answer:

Why, in the name of all that makes sense, is the city of Cincinnati asking for stimulus for a STREET CAR when we don't have a decent east-west metro bus route?  We live just off the same street that my husband works on, yet he can't take the bus to work unless he wants a commute that is almost 2 hours both ways.


Because the big metro routes run north-south.  So, he'd have to take a metro to downtown and then take a separate metro up to the east side of town.  

So, the street cars are going to create exactly what?



Emilie said...

Street cars are political. Most cities used to have a great street car system that was dismantled by collusion between government and the automakers. That's a fact.
Street cars are better than buses if done properly, as buses fall victim to the same hangups as cars. Streetcars usually have their own lane or right of way.
In the short term, go petition for the route you want.

Deb said...

Interesting point, Emilie. I'm not opposed to street cars, obviously, just opposed to not having anything running east west. The other thing that bothers me is that they are trying to get people to stop moving out of the city, but they keep trying to improve North/South transportation.