Saturday, December 5, 2009

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house

Not a Christian was praying – they were all tuckered out

From buying and charging and hording galore

But, only from AFA approved stores

Not wanting to offend Wildmon or Dobson

they undertook causes by hundreds and thousands

But not about Gap who has nothing to say

Of Child labor, sweathouses and low wages they pay.

Taking kids from their families, and pumping with drugs

Making cute little coats, hoodies or gloves.

“Ooops” they say, “We just didn’t know.

Obviously our employees were hiding it so.”

1 time, maybe 2, but now 3, 4?

No ‘tis obvious to all there must be something more.

Turning the cheek, in this world, as they say

no longer means forgiveness but, look the other way,

But Christians, that’s not the cause that they fight,

but instead protest a rather small slight.

For avoiding the word “Christmas” GAP was banished by men,

But now that they say it, we can shop there again,

Little Madhur will work while suffering the flu,

And depression, and starvation and homesickness too,

But we know for sure, that when under our tree,

Gap gifts will be honoring to Jesus, you see

For they were purchased from a store that made sure to say

“Merry Christmas” with their “Happy Holidays”.

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