Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Not-so-Bitter Adoptive Mom's Wish List

The other day I received an email that linked me to a list of what I thought was a very funny wish list written by a fellow homeschooler. (There is a link to it on the right hand side of the web page.) While I did enjoy the list, I have to admit that homeschooling is the least of our uniqueness that draws attention. So, I decided to write my own list that addressed our family's situation.

The Not-So-Bitter Adoptive Mom's Wish-I-Could-Respond-With-List:

1) Yes, they are all my children, and, yes, they all have the same father. Unless he has something to confess to me.

2) Yes, she is mine even though she's Asian. You might be surprised to know, but when two Anglo-German-Scottish Americans (with just a smidgen of native thrown in) produce children, they occasionally will produce an Asian looking child.

3) No, they don't speak Russian in China. She isn't Chinese. China is only 1 country in Asia. There are many languages. It's a diverse continent. You can learn more about Asia at your local library.

4) No, I'm not a saint. If you knew what I was thinking while you are going on about what a saint I am, you would certainly know that I'm not a saint.

5) No, there is nothing special about me. Who wouldn't want children as beautiful, loving and intelligent as mine? Unless, of course, you're subtly trying to tell me that my children aren't beautiful, loving and intelligent.

6) No, there is nothing to pity here. There are worse things than missing a limb, and you might want to notice (as you go on about what a pity disabilities are ) that my daughter is dancing circles around you and is happy as dog getting its belly rubbed.

7) No, she's not special because of her disabilities. She's special because she's made in the image of God. So are you, but if you don't drop the "special thing" I'm going to start to doubt that.

8) Yes, my children can hear you when you ask personal questions such as "Did her real parents not want her because she' s so messed up?" They're pretty smart (probably smarter than you considering your questions) and it really is lame that you're dropping pretty negative images into their minds.

9) No, you didn't do this adoption thing, and, boy, am I glad. I don't want anybody else to have my kids but me.

10) No, you probably couldn't do this. But there are other things you can do that I wouldn't be caught dead doing but I don't point this out in public. Perhaps I should, and then you wouldn't be so bold as to go on about how "I could never do what you do!"

11) There's nothing wrong with her. I have no idea what you're talking about. She's perfect the way she is.

12) She's missing an ARM?? OH MY! I HAD NO IDEA! I tell ya, these kids just can't keep track of anything!!!!


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I beg to differ. All your children, and mine, are special. They have to be to be related to us!!!!!!!!!!!