Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Honda Days

There is a trend that I am currently finding very amusing, and that trend is the idea of giving your spouse a new car for Christmas.

It all started with Lexus. Several years ago, the Lexus geniuses decided that convincing people to buy a Lexus as a Christmas present would boost sales. They even made a big red bow -- which I have been told costs an extra $500 to purchase.

I guess that they really are marketing geniuses because they are making a lot of money, and the idea has now spread. On the car front, I've seen both a I've seen a Honda (which I would much rather own than a Lexus anyway) commercial and a Cadillac commercial.

The real idiots are the guys who are falling for the marketing. Although, I have a suspicion that, deep down, most men know that buying a new car falls in the category of "gifts I really want but by for someone else." I, personally, don't know too many women who want a new car for Christmas, but maybe I don't travel in all the right circles. While I don't know for any certainty about any other women out there, I do know what my reaction to a new car as a Christmas gift would be:

"YOU BOUGHT ME WHAT????!!! How much did this set us back? Our other car worked fine! How much is the insurance on that thing? What kind of gas mileage does it get? I don't want a monthly car payment! "

And, those questions would not be asked in a friendly voice...

Of course, as one store says, "This Christmas, don't just give a gift... grant a wish."

So, since I would never wish for a Lexus, here is my Christmas wish list, perhaps it could all be granted:

1) Naturally Brown Hair
2) Free Plumbers
3) A grocery store that delivers for free
4) My three year old to have a softer voice
5) My three year old to stop freaking out over "buggies"
6) Self washing laundry
7) Self cooking dinners
8) For Cincinnati to get real snow rather than the rain/sleet/snow/ice/mud we get
9) For a humidity-free August
10) My House to grow level and stair free

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serena's friend Lisa said...

my mom and aunt were just talking about how they would NOT want a car for christmas. persionally, i think buying some one a car for christmas is a stupid idea. you dont even get to pick out the car!