Thursday, December 20, 2007

Is Your Bathroom Just Only a Bathroom?

The other night my husband and I were watching television, and I learned that I lack any kind of real vision for my life. All my life I thought that my bathroom was nothing more than a room of necessity. But, according to commercial I saw, I'm wrong.

Your bathroom doesn't just need to be a bathroom!

According to the commercial, which was used being used to sell a "toilet wand" (no, it doesn't turn anything you point it at into a toilet -- although that would probably be more interesting.) and other cleaning "aids" by Clorox, the bathroom can be a room of imagination, dreaming and relaxation. All this fun, and they weren't even talking about reading a book on the john!

Of course, having been places where the toilet is little more than a hole in the floor, or a toilet in an alley with nothing surrounding it but buildings, I know that any American bathroom is a step up from most.

If the bathroom is any indication of vision and creativity, then I, along with most of the world's population, am in serious trouble. Currently, in our home, not only are we not clorox clean, but we don't even have serviceable plumbing. For three days straight, now, we've been waiting for our plumber to return to replace the mainline leading from the township's line to our house. Showering at the Y has been the least offensive of our activities. I don't think people who use toilet wands would be able to handle what we've had to do with our toilet paper.

Anybody out there got a plumber wand?

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MarlaQuack said...

My very good friends use a bucket under the toilet seat. When you are done you sprinkle saw dust over what you left in the bucket.