Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Limericks of Illness

There once was a woman of Ohio
Who had a lot of reasons to smile
Then her son he did run
a temperature of 101
And she avoided him like he was Gomer Pyle.

I once was a happy young girl
Before the days of the great hurl
Now I feel like I'm dead,
but haven't quite lost my whole head
Though I fear our home may be overtaken by venomous squirrels. (obviously I've become delusional in my illness)


truthfinder said...

Deb, I know that good health will arrive;
Though now you feel less than alive,
The flu is distressing,
But just count your blessings--

At least, you're not the "mother of 4-11 children, age 5"!

gingerswindow said...

The once was a mom down the street,
Whose kids had a flu and a fever,
Then they started to cough, and puke up various stuff,
The mom just wanted to leave.

Then the snow came down so pretty,
She forget she was in that city,
She dreamed of the spring,
When she'd be gardening,
It made her problems seem itty bitty.

Deb said...

Ugghhh... it needs to be leaver, not leave.

The mom just wanted to leaver.

I guess you can see why I'm the poet in this neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

I Dont know how to write a limrick. sorry. i just wanted to say. whats up with the venomous squirrels???