Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ode to the Stomach Flu

You came to our home quite suddenly
Your attack we did not expect
From the home of a family we considered friend,
never in the least a suspect.

The first hit,of course, our son
Of this we did expect
as since the age of 2 months innocent
Into his mouth everything in certainty went.

Serves him right, I thought to myself.
Good hygiene is not his goal.
Perhaps he'll learn his lesson this time
Watching his siblings enjoy this day so bold

I felt justified, nay vindicated.
"My superior hand washing will save me again."
We placated him with some sweet "you poor thing"s
Certain that we'd never experience a moan of his pain.

However, all that did change on the turn of a dime
When his siblings and I found ourselves laying supine
The flu may have entered our home through him, but
It's havoc has wrecked all who live within.

Now I lie here writing bad poems.
Hoping this will not last so much longer.
If it does, then I'll perhaps try my hand at haiku,
An iambic pentameter, a sonnet or a limrick

Or perhaps I'll try writing a songer.


Boy does the flu really stink!

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Lisa Humson said...

HAHAHA!!!! cute!