Monday, March 17, 2008

Deep Thoughts

Since my 9-year-old daughter has always been very insightful, I decided to keep a list of her most thought provoking sentiments in order to share with the general public:

1) The most popular sport in Ancient Greece was the sport of disco.

2) In reference to the fact that her service dog is only a little 25-lb goldendoodle, "This is my starter dog!"

3) "It would be hard to have a disability -- glad I don't!"

4) After a conversation about what exactly it means to "process" a duck, "So, how much money does it cost to butler a duck?"

5) "Being a girl means knowing all about all the princesses -- even when you don't want to."

And, my personal favorite:

6) "My mom is like a chihuahua -- sweet, cute, and lovable with just a touch of feisty and mean."


MarlaQuack said...

What a kid! Go #3!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Deb, It's Sharon. I just talked to your mom. (needed to discuss a Cortland news article) I love the blog! And your children are beautiful! I told your mom, "If I had five children, I'd need a blog, too!" Even with three, a blog would be nice. I would love to hear the story of your kids and how you guys are doing (aside from the blog info). I was thinking as I read about how full of life our houses are, and what a blessing it is to see friends from college living their faith. I lost your email with my old computer. Here's mine:
Hope to hear from you soon--we're good on this end. Sharon