Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Upstairs Bathroom

We have a bathroom on the second story of our house. Technically, it's a full bath, but the shower leaks terribly due to a crack in the floor, and to replace the shower is too expensive since it's a unique size and shape. So, in effect it's a 1/2 bath. Also, technically, it's not a second story, it's the .5 story of our 1.5 story house. I'm still trying to figure out how a house can have half a story when it has more steps than most 3 story houses.

Anyway, I was in our living room, reclining on our couch and reading a book when I heard the step stool sliding across the bathroom floor above me. At first I didn't think anything of it, but then I realized that 3 kids were in the basement watching "Little House on the Prairie" reruns and 1 kid was at Boy Scouts. That left 1 kid, and she was in bed.

Or was she?

Slipping up the stairs, stealth as a cheetah stalking it's prey, I made my way to the bathroom door. Quietly I stepped to the doorway. My eyes fell on my victim. Nappy, our 4 year old, was climbing a step stool to try to reach something in the closet. As I entered the doorway, her head turned towards me. Her face fell, and I clearly read the panic in her eyes.

"Mom," she cried, "You weren't supposed to be up here ever!"

"Wasn't I?"

"No! It wasn't in my plan!"

"Are you supposed to be in here right now?"

"No" she wailed, "but I didn't think you'd be in here right now!"

Needless to say, we had a sincere talk (and a bit more), and she is now nicely in her bed. I do believe she'll stay there for the rest of the evening.

It reminded me of another event with the upstairs bathroom from several years ago. Our oldest, Lawyer/Social Advocate Boy, was sent upstairs to get ready for bed. My husband and I were talking for several minutes and then he went up to tuck the boys in bed.

He walked in on an interesting scene. Our son was standing on the step stool, looking into the mirror while slowly emptying his toothpaste tube onto his face -- painting on a beard.

"Ahh!" My husband yelped. "What are you doing???"

"I'm making a beard...." my son replied.

"Why are you doing that?"

"Because I didn't know you were up here."

So, this bathroom has been the scene of many things over the years (not to mention at least one illegal barbershop) , and if it weren't for having the extra toilet, I'm not sure I'd want it.

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