Thursday, February 5, 2009

Face to Face With a Human

I understand that logical thought does not come naturally to some. I, myself, am given to the occasional illogical thought process. However, what has appeared in the news in Florida recently defies so many rules of logical thinking, that I can only think to compare this to earlier days of our nation when our leaders decided that certain people who had the same kind of blood, same body structure, same capabilities and same organs as them were only partially human, simply because they had a different shade to their skin. An argument based on emotion and a desire for power, not one based in rational or logical thinking. And so it goes on today, just a different group of people.

Several years ago, an 18 year old woman paid an abortion doctor $1200 to perform an abortion. The woman was just over 23 weeks into her gestation when it was scheduled to occur. In short the doctor, who has paid out 5 male practice settlements in the past few years, wasn't there when the labor-inducing medications he gave her kicked in. And, despite several hours warning was not in the room when the woman delivered a live baby.

The coroner's determined that the baby was live as it's lung were filled with air -- thus it had breathed on it's own before dying.

According to the woman, the owner of the clinic (not a medical professional) came into the room, cut the umbilical cord with a pair of scissors and then (after possibly throwing the baby on the floor), put it in a plastic bag and threw it in the garbage.

Police later found the baby decomposing in the garbage cans outside the clinic.

Now, if you're not ready to vomit like I was when I read the more detailed account, then I'm not sure what's wrong with you.

At 23 weeks, that baby was only needing to grow in order to live. In fact, babies have survived birth at 23 weeks, although I think their chances are significantly higher when they aren't in the room with a murderer.

The mother was irate, and is now suing the doctor. According to the FOX news article, her lawyer commented that, "She came face to face with a human being,and that changed everything."

The Health Department has filed a complaint, and there is the possibility of murder charges.

So, this leads me to believe that the young lady had not been counseled in any way regarding the human being she was carrying nor the risks involved with the abortion. She had obviously not researched her doctor, and I would have to wonder if the going rate for an abortion is always so high. I mean, this doctor got $1200 for simply prescribing medication to her, she did the rest of the work herself! How's that for lucrative? This young lady believed that she did not have the means or maturity to raise the baby that she has since named, "Shanice", but I bet that she now wishes she had been counseled towards adoption instead.

The real ringer here,though, the real logic twister in this entire gruesome story is NOW. The NOW chapter of that part of Florida was very disturbed by this occurrence. A spokesperson for NOW expressed concern over the fact that this clinic behaved in this manner and said women need to be directed toward better clinics.

Now, this begs the logical question of, "What did they do wrong?"

Honestly, if the point of the abortion was to kill the baby, they accomplished that! If the baby isn't worthy of life, what's so terrible about tying it up in a plastic bag and throwing it out in the trash? Certainly it's what most people do when they kill a rodent that's infested their home. What makes this scenario one that people want murder charges, when that doctor probably slits the throats of hundreds of babies a year, and no one says a word.

Because people came face to face with a human!

In the end, NOW knows it's wrong. The doctor knows it's wrong. The owner of the clinic knows its wrong. The health department knows it's wrong.

This time, they saw what they killed.

There is no logic in this. There is no ethical reasoning. Only emotional justification, rooted in a desire for power and control, that happened to come face to face with a human.

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Emilie said...

A perfect example of why we need comprehensive birth control education in this country. How can we expect people who don't have the ability to discuss where babies come from to make proper decisions to prevent such?