Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Several Definitions

A Democrat a person who's political persuasion leads them to believe in a higher level of government involvement in the structure of our society, not just at the state level, but also at the federal level. Believes higher taxation is necessary in order to provide our society with just and quality social services.

A Democratic Leader A democrat who believes that everybody else should pay those taxes (see: Tom Daschle, Nancy Killefer, Tim Geithner)

An Idealist Someone who believes that the democratic party leaders are truly leaders of the poor and common people -- like people who earn enough income to owe more than $40,000 in back taxes (See Tom Geithner -- see also Caroline Kennedy, John Kerry...).

A Republican
A person who believes that our country functions better with less federal government and that state and local governments should have more influence, albeit unintrustive influence, than the federal. There is a strong belief that private charitable organizations function better than state. Fiscally conservative, they often weep when they hear "God Bless America" and have a tendency to forget that America has had largely imperialistic dalliances around the world.

A Republican Leader Someone who believes the same as the typical Republican, but is afraid to stand up to big-business and loves to compromise on moral issues (see; abortion is wrong vs capital punishment is okie dokie or gay marriage is wrong but our divorce rate is rather good). They also like to rally around their major candidates and say things like, "No, she really is right for the job. It's okay that she's only left the country to vacation in Mexico and that she used to be sportscaster. Did you know she won a beauty pageant once?"

A Disgruntled Republican A person who believes that less federal government is good, is fiscally conservative, morally conservative (across the board, not just on one issue), and knows that it takes more than a pretty smile and some spunk to win a national election.

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Mrs. C said...

You're right! It takes lotsa money, too. Not that I am a cynic or anything.