Monday, May 4, 2009

A Great Story by Green Bottle Boy

One day, there lived a boy named Jack.  He lived in a

 poor village.  There was a factory that his dad worked at.  His

 dads name was Zeek.  His mom worked at home, cooking,

 cleaning, and walking around the city. 

 One day his dad got  sick from working at the factory.  He

 had a hard time breathing and he had cramps all over.  They

 called a doctor who told them he could not go back to the

 factory until it had been six days since he got better.  One day

 passed and he got worse.  Two days passed and he got worse. 

 Three days passed and he got worse. 

 The next day, some builders got to work.  They were

 knocking down the factory to build a new house.  Jacks dad

 was still sick.   Jack was worried.  So was his mother.  The next

 day, the factory was knocked down.  Zeek didn’t know what he

 was going to do.  He was sick, the factory was knocked down. 


To him, this was an unhappy ending.

Then, he thought of something!  He could be a butler!  He

was triumphant!  Six days later, he got better.  But he still had

 to wait six days before getting another job.  Four days later, he

 said he was going to find a job.  The next day, he came back.

 He had become a butler! 

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