Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hail to the Ch-Ch-Ch-Chief

In a world filled with suffering, economic turmoil, environmental crisis and traumas as great as the switchover to digital signals on television, one would think there could be no sign of hope.  However, one would be incredibly incorrect to think that.  All throughout America, there are people rising to the call of leadership.  

 Take, for instance, Andrew Miszak Jr, of Bedford, Ohio.  His political career would have been  in ruins, if not for his father,  Andrew Sr, and his quick thinking.  Andrew Jr, a 28-year-old school board member and political consultant, lives with his father.  When Andrew Sr became so enraged with his son over his messy room, he confronted him about it, presumably at dinner.  Andrew Jr., overcome with anger about  being told to make his bed,actually threw his plate at his Dad. Andrew Sr did call 911, but refused to press charges because he didn't want to hurt his beloved son's political career.  I'm left wondering if the spaghettios (isn't that the favorite meal for dads to prepare for their kids?) were flying all over all the room or if they stuck to the plate.  I'm also wondering who would hire a 28-year-old that still lives with Dad as a consultant for their political race, let alone elect them to a school board.   

Then I remembered the mayor of Cincinnati. Allegedly he lived with his parents before becoming mayor, so maybe Mr. Miszak Jr. isn't off to such a bad start.  I wonder if he knows how to throw a baseball at a large target.

Of course, there is also Miss California, who apparently finds gay marriage morally reprehensible but sees no problem with posing topless for photographs.  What astounds me the most about this public (waayyy to public in my opinion!) figure, is that she either 1) didn't think there was anything wrong with posing without a shirt  2) was too stupid to realize that she wasn't wearing a shirt or 3) was too stupid to realize that the photographer would of course release the photos of her after all her publicity.    Either way, she's certainly  dense enough to run for at least a state level public office!  

It's people like these that allow someone like Barack Obama to rise above the din.  We might as well face the fact that he doesn't really have any competition right now, and that's part of the reason he's being so idolized.  Idolized?  Yes, idolized.  I might even say immortalized.  Thanks to my good friend, Ellen, I learned that Obama has been made into a ChiaPet...er Chia Man...uh...Chia President?   

The great thing with this is that there are actually two versions you can purchase.  There is "Happy Obama" and "Determined Obama".  The website  says that you can even purchase BOTH!  

Act now, because I'm certain that owning a Chia Obama is the only way to see Obama with an Afro at this stage in fashion history.  And, if horticulture is not your thing, it doesn't really matter because Chia Obama is easy to grow -- an encouraging.  Can we grow this?  YES WE CAN!  It even says so on the side!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Deb! I just wanted to say congratulations to Anna! I understand she is quite a swimming star! I don't know if you remember me, but you drove my dad's car here 8 years ago. It is great that I can keep up with your family through your blog. Wow -- a book! Please post when and where you will be doing book signings!
Ann in College Hill