Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Letter From the President

Okay, maybe not the president, but a president. Today, totally unsolicited, I received a catalogue full of resources to help me keep our country from going down the lu. Considering the number of things in our home that do go down the lu, I thought it might be my civic duty to at least help the country not go there.

Now, I don't listen to Christian Radio that much. In fact, I only listen to it when my children are with me in the car. Then, often, I try not to throw things at the radio when the person speaking (like the nationally renowned pastor who was preaching about the obligations of the rich and told his congregation that the "rich were families like the Kennedys") says something that makes me, well, want to throw something at the radio. There are speakers and shows I enjoy, but that's not the point right now. The point right now is that I am pretty ignorant about the speakers and teachers on the radio.

This catalogue that came today was part of an organization that has a nationally syndicated radio and television shows. I had never heard of the guy before today.

Anyway,there was a letter to me at the beginning, and I've copied it hear with my thoughts inserted.

Dear Friend, (wow! so forward of him!)

Since its incorporation in 1978, ********** has been on the front lines battling to restore the biblical values that have made America great.

Now, let's stop here and pause for a moment. Just what Biblical Values, I wondered? Does he mean an economy that was jump-started by slavery? Voting rights only for men that are land owners? Saying "Under God" in the pledge ? Killing off the natives? Taking land? Segregation? Laws against inter-racial marriage? Laws preventing the immigration of disabled people? I wish he would've been a little more specific than that.

To accomplish this goal, we've produced and distributed hundreds of thousands of training resources to help families like yours to understand and apply the Bible to all areas of life.

Okay, I flipped through the entire magazine at length, and found many areas of life that we're not addressed. Only some of those areas are: Total submission to Christ, Fasting, Prayer, Sacrifice, Mercy, Christianity and the Poor, How to Love the Unlovable, Enviornmental Stewardship ....

In the past three years, we've specifically intensified our efforts, because the enemies of Christ are relentless in their mission to remove everything that's Christian from this nation.

Well, I do agree that the enemy of Christ is working through rebellious people to remove Christianity from not only our nation, but anywhere in the world. I have an inkling that he and I might not see eye-to-eye on just who the enemy is. Also, I don't think the enemy has removed mercy, forgiveness, compassion, faith, hope, unconditional love, joy and peace --- although he has been successful in getting alot of Christians to stop showing those traits towards non-believers.

Government schools are brainwashing our children to become secular humanists.

Wow! Brainwashing! Even the Christian teachers are doing this?

Of the small percentage of children who survive public education, many see their faith shipwrecked on the shores of liberal college campuses.

This is even better, because I survived public school (and while I don't appreciate the effects of the worldview I struggle against because of it, I know I wasn't brainwashed), and I crashed on the shores of a liberal college campus. My faith grew more there (thanks Bill!) than it did at almost any other point of my life. See, by age 18 most people are able to think logically, so if you're in a class where a professor's saying something illogical or stupid, you usually realize it.

Sadly, churches are either paralyzed by an obsession with the "end times" or just too busy with "programs" to confront the culture with the transforming power of the Gospel.

Now, I would be the first person to say that I'm hoping that the end times are soon, but I hardly sit around and think about it. Unless you include the time I pondered whether or not God would offer me the same deal he offered Oral Roberts, in which case I'd do nothing, die and go to heaven. But anyway, I think that this guy looks at the "transforming power of the Gospel" as something that happens when we force people to follow God's rules through legislation. For evidence, I would site the inclusion of Greg L. Bahnsen's "Theonomy in Christian Ethics", which is sold in the catalogue, and very favorably reviewed. I find the Theonomy concept (in essence, my understanding is using Old Testament Law to shape Civil Law -- watch out bald guys!) pretty freaky-scary, but I don't have the time to look into it enough to know for sure. I know it's also a foundation for another organization, Vision Forum, which I have SERIOUS issues with.

Meanwhile, the 2008 election season is fast approaching.

Didn't we all know it would come to this????

Will Christians awaken and unite to advance biblical values in the public arena? Or, will they abandon cultural involvement and stay underground to wait for the Rapture?

I'm pretty sure he means, "Vote Republican". Either way, I'm not planning on hiding underground because I have a 3-year-old that totally over-reacts to bugs, and I couldn't handle being underground with her.

The answers to these questions will decide not only the presidential elections but also the future of our religious liberties, our economy and our national security.

Whoa! And I thought that God decided all that! I mean, I know my vote counts, but I had no idea I could have a sovereign impact!

The letter goes on, but that was the gist of it. While, in all actuality, I'm probably pretty close to this guy on the political spectrum, I can't believe how much civil-religion he's mixed with real Christianity. In the end, obviously, he and I disagree on the fundamental point of how the gospel transforms. I think it transforms individuals who, in turn influence society. He seems to think we need to use it to force society to transform -- even if they reject God.

At the very end of the catalogue, though, was something that totally offended me. It was a "1599 Geneva Family Heirloom Bible in a Beautiful Wood Gift Box" for $200, unless you want to have the Genuine Cow-Hide Limited Edition Family Heirloom Bible for $400. What is the Bible? The Word of God, or a status symbol to display in your living room? I just have to think that that kind of display of materialism hurts the very author of that book.

Oh, well. In the words of the Apostle Paul:
"I hope you will put up with a little of my foolishness, but you are already doing that." I Corin 11:1

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gingerswindow said...

I won't go underground with Alli either, but maybe the person who sent you the catalogue should, it may shake a little sense into them.