Friday, October 5, 2007

Movies, God and Pop Culture

Just to clarify on my last post.... I'm not against the idea of Christians using media and movies for promoting the gospel. What I question is this:
1) someone having the ability to write/director/star in a movie while leading a congregation AND keeping a healthy relationship with God and family.
2) a church using its resources on making a "major motion picture"
3) emulating the way that Hollywood works at promoting. There is no "who's who" in Christianity (outside of Christ) so I don't quite see self-promotion (like the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing) as a Christ-like attribute.

And, again, I'm questioning this, not saying that it's wrong.

That said, I think that there is a vast difference between what God calls a body of believers to do as His church and what God calls individuals to do for his cause. Christians should be making movies, acting in movies, writing movies and producing movies. Drama, be it the stage or movie theater, has a great impact on the culture. Who better to work within that field than someone who truly has a moral compass and a healthy vision for life? The question is, should the church, as an entity, be doing this.

And, should Christians be trying to emulate a pop culture that is, by and far, a completely emotionally and mentally unhealthy culture? Should children idolize a singer or actor because they're famous? Should we be so influenced by people we don't know?

Take, for instance, Christian radio. Not long ago as I was driving in my car with my children,we were listening to a popular national Christian radio station. I almost spit at the radio when the DJ, speaking of a conference that listeners might win a trip to, said, "It will be a regular who's who of Christianity!".

Does anyone else out there find that comment a bit disturbing? How does that mesh with the idea of losing your life for the sake of Christ? The first shall be last? Humility? Selflessness?

Another example came from a magazine that is dedicated to mothers of preschoolers. Last year there was an article interviewing a prominent all-female singing group that was to be featured at a mothering conference. Several members of the singing group had recently become mothers -- and yet were continuing to travel the country as a performing group.

"We're influencing the generation of girls that will influence our daughters!" said one of the singers. She went on to rave about how her babysitter had taught her young daughter how to pray.

Did it ever occur to them that maybe THEY should be influencing their daughters? I was saddened to see the cheap junk that these ladies had traded for the gifts God had given them. These are certainly not people I would pick to influence my daughters. Is this really a culture we want to emulate?

Just because it's labeled "Christian" doesn't mean it is, and just because something is good, doesn't mean that a church should use it's resources on it.

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Emilie said...

I so agree with you. I'm tired of the mega prosperity church mentality, which I sometimes call "6 Flags Over Jesus."
They seem to breed a kind of faith that is a mile wide but an inch deep. God is not Santa Clause, someone to send your wishlist to. Faith isn't a tee-shirt or a popcorn flick. We'll talk more I'm sure.