Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Why I Keep Adopting Children

The other day, my five year old gave me some great insight into my life.

"Mom," she said, "why do some women work?"

Before I could answer, my 8,9 and 10-year-olds jumped in, ready to show their superior knowledge.

"Lots of women work! Sometimes a Dad will stay home with the kids and the mom works!"
"Some women work because they don't have kids to take care of!"
"Some of them work because their kids are grown up."

I pointed out, too, that some women choose to work when they have children still at home.

"Well," she said, "Then why don't you work?"

"I used to work before I had kids, and then I worked part time for years after I had kids. In fact I didn't stop until we adopted you."

"Really..." she replied, thoughtful for several seconds. "So that's why you keep adopting kids! If you keep adopting kids, then you don't ever have to work!"


Jennifer Elizabeth said...

Oh, that's why we do it, too!

Bill & Lena Shrader said...


Lena won't let me do my homework either. She makes me stop conjugating Spanish mandates in order to read your blog--which I do with great "satisfecho."

Mucho Agape,

kerie said...

I knew it, you bumb!