Monday, January 14, 2008

DNA -- How Romantic!

For all my single readers out there, I wanted to alert you to a great new dating website! Scientific Match offers single people a whole new approach to dating. The promise the website makes is immense.

"Welcome to a new era of human relationships. We're the only introduction service that creates matches with actual physical chemistry. Our patent-pending technology uses your DNA to find others with a natural body fragrance you'll love, with whom you'd have healthier children, a more satisfying sex life, and more*. Our personal-values-analysis provides a deep spiritual bond, to complete your path to truly amazing relationships."

Given all that's listed at the beginning of the sentence, don't we all wonder what the "and more*" could possibly mean?

This dating website was originally inspired by a study that showed that women liked the smell of dirty t-shirts belonging to men who's immune system was vastly different than theirs. To that I would question what woman would like the smell of any dirty t-shirt? I had no idea that there were ones that might smell good -- maybe vanilla? pumpkin pie? Cinnamon? Or were these just women who happened to like male stink?

Well, there's one positive to take from all this. It turns out that your stink might be attractive to somebody out there.

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