Monday, January 7, 2008

New Hampshire is Moved by Tears and Tales of Eating Too Much Pizza

Wow! All these years of spouting ardent feminism, and Hillary has just played the sex card! Apparently, her poor performance in the last debate wasn't enough to do her in. The voters of New Hampshire were moved by her tears and sad tales of eating too much pizza and not exercising.

She cried and got the sympathy vote!

Honestly, I don't stress too much over who will be the next President, unless, of course, it's Hillary. I'd take just about any other choice over her... and if she wins, I might be writing my blog from my exile spot in Northern Canada. I just don't understand her dire need to run the country -- she already had her turn over 8 years ago.

I almost felt bad for her, too, when I watched the video. But then I thought, "You know, I really don't think resorting to tears is a good thing for a president."

"Mr. Bin Laden," she says as she's wiping her eye, "It's just really hard to find you. I mean I won't give up because I believe this is what's best for my country, but this is really hard. So many days I don't have time to exercise, and I keep trying to eat right, but pizza's just so easy... so please come out of hiding."


"Mr. de Jung, I asked you not to drop the bomb, and now look at what you did!" Her eyes welling up with tears, "I've got dead Americans, angry voters and I can't plan for dinner! Pizza again, and with all these decisions to make, when will I ever exercise?!"

So, I think that maybe Hillary needs to learn how to lose something without losing it. Or maybe not, because her strategy did work.

What does that say about the Democrats in New Hampshire?

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