Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A Very Band Christmas

My background is in classical piano, and I'm not sure what insane thing has happened in my family. My husband and I gave our three oldest children musical instruments for Christmas. Our 11-year-old got an electric guitar, our 9-year-old a drum (which will grow into a drum set someday, I'm told) and our 8-year-old a trumpet.

Below is a video of the boys playing with my husband. The lighting isn't great, but the sound is. Really the sound is great. That's what it sounds like. I'm wondering if this is from teaching beginning band classes while pregnant with my oldest. Perhaps it affected his ears more than I realized.

(Note the plumber walking past out front window - he did finally show up and no plumber wand was ever needed! I thought he might lower his rate out of compassion for me, after listening to the "band" play all day, but instead he just tried to leave really fast.)

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