Monday, January 7, 2008

Need Help Getting Dressed?

Have you ever woken up and wondered, "Just what exactly will I wear today?"

Well, your problem is solved. My husband was nice enough to send me this link to a revolutionary new website. I'm hoping that the link wasn't a hint.

At any rate, you download digital photos of your clothing, and enter text to tell what is ahead in your day. Then the computer will tell you what clothes you should wear.

In our home, we don't really have a problem choosing clothing. Take, for instance, my middle daughter, pictured below.

You would think she's headed out to some kind of international royal ball, but really she's just set for a day hanging at home (note the fluffy pink shoes and lacy gloves). This outfit can be worn to classes, to play soccer, and,of course, to ride bikes.

This morning she came down for breakfast dressed in a ballerina costume, sparkle shoes, and a princess crown.

"How do I look?" She asked, with excessively puckered lips.

"Beautiful." I replied.

"You like my lipstick?" I could almost make out faint pink lipstick surrounding her lips.

"Umm.. ya... but you can't wear that to co-op today." I said, truly not wanting to hurt her feelings.

Her face fell. "Why not?"

After coming to an agreement, she ended up at co-op dressed in her sparkle shoes, sweat pants, Ohio state shirt and a princess crown. But it was okay because she went in and sat down next to her friend, who was wearing a home made native American head dress. It just doesn't get any better than this!

The real problem we have with clothing (in addition to some family members thinking it's optional) is that not everyone is certain which direction clothing goes on. Now, of course, our 11-year-old knows everything, so he knows the direction clothing is supposed to face. He often points this out to the younger ones.

In turn, I often point out that he was not only a member of the BPC (Backwards Pants Club), he was president and founder. I mean, this kid would come out of his room with not only his jeans backwards, but also his underwear. I used to think, "How in the world can someone wear underwear backwards?" But then we adopted our oldest daughter.

She would put her underwear on sideways. Sideways!!?? Yes, it is possible. And, then there was the time she came downstairs, dressed for church.

"Mom, there's something weird and uncomfortable on my back. A big tag or something."

I reached down her dress and pulled out...a hanger. My lovely, brilliant daughter put her dress on with the hanger still in it!

Now, where's the website to help with that?

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